A Pro-Life Friend: Lets talk Metaphysics...


I think it would be useful to look at the philosophical basis for defending the right to life of unborn babies from the branch of philosophy called metaphysics. Metaphysics isn’t actually as abstract as it sounds. Essentially it’s just the thinking of being, of existence. Everyone is really…

Or we can look at the actual facts. But your type doesn’t like those much so, I won’t flatter you by thinking you’ll read them if they were listed here. 

Or maybe I will. Be waiting.


Talking to students about when human life begins.

And they look riveted. 


Talking to students about when human life begins.

And they look riveted. 

I may disagree with pro-choice people but I’d never wish them ill…


Why do some on the other side not afford to same courtesy?

Why do some on the supposed “pro-life” side not make the same courtesy? Works both ways honey-bunch.

Abortion is a violation of basic human rights. It is not a victory for so called women’s rights.


Women have the right to not participate in premarital sex. If they CHOOSE to do so then they CHOOSE to take responsibility for any and all consequences of said CHOICE.

My mother gave birth to me at 19 and kept me. I was supposed to be born with a plethora of illnesses and the doctors advised her abort me if she ever wanted a normal life. She didn’t abort me.

But you know what?

I, from where I am at 19 myself, would completely, indefinably, no question understand if she had.

Because we live in a culture that made her feel as if she had to marry the ass hole that she did. The good old Roman Catholic family influenced her to marry the man that BEAT her and ME. Having a child so young put a full stop to her life. She didn’t get to do so MANY things because of something she not only wasn’t properly educated to combat (because birth control and sex-ed has never, unfortunately, been properly available) but wasn’t emotionally ready for.

And financially? She didn’t have the money to take care of me. She wasn’t READY. She had to grow up so quickly and because of one mistake.

Am I glad I’m alive? Yes. Am I glad she made the difficult decision to raise me herself? Pretty much alone? Absolutely. I love her. And loving her as I do I can see that her life has been DAMN HARD. I mean it, not one second has she been able to rest, to relax, to find out who she is without children. Now that me and my siblings are older she can FINALLY, at 38, try to go back to college and become the lawyer she always wanted to be.

I’m glad I’m alive and I’m even more glad she was free to make that choice herself. Without someone else’s religion being forced down her throat, without people berating her for even thinking of herself a little bit.

To me this is about empathy and minding your own damn business. Not everyone is so so BLESSED with support. Not everyone has someone to HELP them. And sometimes people need, even you nice “BENEVOLENT” Christians, to be a bit more empathetic to the other, fully cognizant human beings that are right next to you.

Tell me, will you achieve your supposed “eternalhomeinheaven" by being an utterly insensitive, misogynistic hypocrite? If so, you’re on the right track.

Common sense.

Common sense.

Elementary: Or why it will suck.


I don’t want to be this person. I don’t want to be the individual who dumps all over a new version of something in a hipster I-prefer-the-original fashion. It’s just stupid to hate on something that hasn’t even come out yet, but Elementary just gives me a sickly feeling in my stomach. And I have to get this feeling out of me and where else do you spew your bile but on Tumblr? Anyway, this is a rant, you have been warned. I’ll try not to just blindly rage at you. As much as I hate to admit it, when it comes to Elementary, I’m a hater. And a hater’s gonna hate.


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Ah, you know Arsène Lupin was BASED/inspired by Sherlock Holmes right? In fact the Author had the two meet and Doyle’s lawyers got involved. All I’m sayin’ is people have been doing this for all time. Since the dawn of art itself. People steal shit from other people and then, surprisingly enough, want to add their own flair to it. Just as Sherlock was based on Poe’s Dupin an AMERICAN writer. Shit travels around and around and around and around then something else becomes trendy. Then someone has the brilliant idea to bring it back and it goes around and around until… See my point?

On another point—> The base of his character (‘eccentric genius’ trope) has nothing distinctly British about it. Certainly his habits and most endearingly the Victorian setting are English— but nothing that couldn’t have an american equivalent. For example; New York. How a person could be shocked or offended that they chose New York I say: Where the crap else would they pick? These two cities, a person just couldn’t argue they aren’t at least some what alike (by ‘some’ I mean London is older and possesses a lower crime rate and, probably, less piss everywhere).

They are both filthy metropolises thriving with life, conflict, art, murder and hobos. And Piss. Both are undoubtedly unique and have people equally devoted to how both seem to sharply display the odd dynamics of people. The good and the bad. 

As for the House thing. House isn’t a direct interpretation. Still, that’s a lot of snarky, asshole/genius on television- even with House going off air.

And again, again, again always again. BBC was the first people to ever redo Sherlock Holmes. Oh wait, they weren’t.

I know where you’re coming from and CBS is obviously being a dick about the Sherlock thing- but Sherlock Holmes (modernized or no) is not THEIR (moffat/gaitiss ect)concept. Besides, the whole sherlock holmes/reboot EVERYTHING A MILLION TIMES!!! thing has been gaining momentum for YEARS now- before bbc sherlock.

Though, yeah, I wish Sherlock was the chick. If one of them HAD to be the chick… Or at least ‘Joan’ was still a vet.

On a larger note; the dynamic of H/W romance, as far as television and the like is concerned, is something that HASN’T been explored.  Not to my knowledge anyway. The bromance has. Many times. If I wasn’t so sure the writers screwed up the dynamic with the Watson fucking they appeared to have done (why can’t she be a vet??!!) I’d be looking forward to it. I’d like it more if they were both still male, but people suck.

BBC sherlock is too close to do direct re-hashes of the original stories. But, honestly, I’m not worried about it. I doubt they’ll do anymore than throw out nods to fans. Maybe less. Probably less. Until proven otherwise, you might be happier pretending it’s a completely different show with the detective/side kick dynamic. Like everything else on television. *sigh*

Anyway. Not trying to support/defend/bash the CBS show. Just some of your arguments were kinda off. Nobody is gonna read this but it happened anywayyyy. 


Loki sketch, inspired by new trailer - I didn’t draw him for a really-really-really long time <3


Loki sketch, inspired by new trailer - I didn’t draw him for a really-really-really long time <3

perks of being a girl

  • I can think about whatever I want in class (and everywhere else) without worrying about boners

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